An epic online course in obstacles that will take you from Charred to Charged!

In 90 days, learn how to conquer your stress and become the greatest BadAss you could possibly imagine with my elite MOVE THINK SMILE training at BadAss Island's secret facility.

Stop stress from zapping your energy.
Kick burnout to the curb & triple your productivity.
Let me personally take you from Burnout to BadAss with elite MOVE THINK SMILE training in my "COVERT" themed workshop. Board the next virtual flight to BadAss Island!
Elea Faucheron - MOVE THINK SMILE head coach for BurnOut to BadAss

Serious about beating stress?   Are you done burning out? Want your life back? Ready to feel great & live awesome? If you're dedicated to becoming the greatest BadAss you can possibly imagine, sign up for boarding pass updates. The next virtual flight to my BadAss Island workshop launches Spring 2018.

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Stress is killer. Literally.

Even though we can land on the moon, clone sheep, and build a particle accelerator, we’re constantly baffled by HOW TO remove stress from our lives. The secret: you can’t. Your body needs stress to survive. The fix is turning your bad stress (BurnOut) into good stress (BadAss).

If you stay in a relationship you secretly loath, you’re choosing bad stress. If you decide to start a new exercise routine, you're choosing good stress. The chain reactions of bad stress start with elevated cortisol levels and inflammation, which lead to health issues of every kind. This wears us down from a cellular level on up to our major biological systems.

Stress is an obstacle we face constantly.
Are you conquering it, or is it killing you?

Stress Kills the Brain

Stress generates free radicals that destroy brain cells and stop the generation of new neurons. The stress hormone Cortisol creates glutamate, which then punches holes in brain cell walls causing them to die.

High stress levels make the blood-brain barrier leaky, which lets things in you don’t want like pathogens, heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, grumpy people, bad hair days, and drool.

Stress Kills the Heart

Stress changes in the way blood clots, which increases the risk of heart attack. According to the American Heart Association, stress influences heart health by high blood pressure as well promoting unhealthy self-medicating behaviors, like overeating, drinking and smoking.

Stress Kills Your Stomach

Chronic stress triggers painful gastrointestinal issues like IBS, which makes you more likely to suffer from stress-related psychiatric disorders, including anxiety and depression.

Stress Kills Your Youth

Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Without the coating, shoelaces become frayed until they can no longer do their job. Stress does the same thing to our cells' telomeres. They become damaged and our cells can't do their job.

Stress wrinkles are real. So is rapid aging. When cells stop working properly, all kinds of nasty things can happen like ______ ( insert disease here ).

Stress Kills Your Immune System

Stress suppresses the immune system raising the risk of viral infection and other diseases. Once your body grows resistant to elevated cortisol levels caused by stress, the immune system goes down hill.

Stress Kills Your
Metabolic System

Fat. Fatter. Fattest.
That's what high cortisol levels do. They boost belly fat. Which, increases your risk for disease. And, that's bad.

Stress Kills Sleep

Yes. It's true. Unless you're getting 8-9 restful hours sleeping each night, your are either stressed, or you're stressing your body in a really bad way. In either case, things get bad fast.

Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby
Eléa addresses a major cause of chronic illness much overlooked by conventional medicine. She takes a very introspective look at ''burnout’s” root causes. The functional and organic stressors impacting your health, and your ability to perform at work and at home. In 14 modules, Eléa helps you identify BurnOut and gives you a roadmap to discovering BadAss.

Dr. JP Saleeby

MD, Carolina Holistic Medicine Founder

BadAss Island is a virtual TOP SECRET Stress Conquering Training Base

Conquer STRESS at BadAss Island: a virtual top secret training facility hidden in the South Pacific, specializing in turning Charred Remains into Charged BadAsses.

BurnOut recovery can be long (it took me years). To speed things up, I created this Top Secret online workshop to quickly take you from Charred to Charged!

Imagine: Your flight has landed at BadAss Island’s secret facility and you've just settled into the Comfort Zone. You’re ready to start training and crush your first stress obstacle at the Cutback Cliffs. 

I'll personally coach you from BurnOut to BadAss with themed classes, group support, live coaching, direct access to me and more. 


BurnOut Sucks Your Health

3 out of 4 doctors visits are for ailments caused by stress. 48% feel their stress has increased in the last 5 years. Science now links Stress directly with major diseases like rapid again, heart attacks and cancer. Are you hitting the wall, or climbing over it?

BurnOut Sucks
Your Cash

USA employers spend $300+ BILLION annually on stress related problems. That’s $20,000 per working person every year. If it costs companies this much, how much is it costing you?

BurnOut Sucks Your Energy

Stress fuels insomnia and depression. These two lovely issues zap your energy. By 2020 the World health organization says depression will surpass cancer and heart attacks in disability and death. Are you conquering stress, or is it crushing you?

BurnOut Sucks Your Productivity

People suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels at works than those not under excessive pressure. 60% of lost workdays each year can be attributed to stress. 

BurnOut Sucks. Seriously.

The World Health Organization states stress IS the epidemic of the 21st century. And, while all this totally sucks, the good news is that science shows stress-related illness and diseases often revert when you turn bad stress (BurnOut) into good stress (BadAss).

Did you know 3 out of 4 working people suffer BurnOut? Stress-related illness and missed work cost the U.S. economy $300 billion every year. This means chronic stress is costing you more than just cash. BurnOut seriously sucks away your body, your brain, and your bank account!

Are you going to hit the wall, or conquer it?
Melissa Gordan
So many of us are suffering BurnOut, and can’t even tell what’s going on, let alone find a way out. Totally exhausted, the pace of life and business is over the top. We’re simply too busy and are paying the price. Eléa is leading the charge to live with exuberance through her BadAss methodology. She clearly knows the terrain so well. Trust her leadership!

Melissa Gordon

Echelon Communicate President, Speak It Like You Mean It! ™ Creator
Elea Faucheron conquered burnout and discovered badass
I turn the process of becoming the most kick-ass Badass  into a gamified adventure where you can’t wait to watch the next video, take the next challenge and crush the next stress conquering Obstacle Zone.
BadAss Island is my epic Course in Obstacles. Here, you'll meet me as Commander Eléa. And, I'll personally guide you through the entire journey from BurnOut to becoming the greatest Badass you can possibly imagine.
Crush a BurnOut Challenge, I'll give you BadAss Bucks. Conquer an Obstacle Zone, and I'll give you more  BadAss Bucks. Stack 'em up to track your BadAss progress. And, then use them to buy real stuff (like private coaching time with me).

Your mission is simple: Discover BadAss!
Journey to BadAss Island, and get elite MOVE THINK SMILE training from Commander Eléa. In 14-weeks, turn your BurnOut to BadAss by conquering stress in her specialized obstacle zones:

Week 1 The Comfort Zone

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 1: The Comfort ZOne

Safely land in the Comfort Zone. Settle in. Prep for elite training.

The Comfort Zone is BadAss Island's safest place. Nothing can touch you here. That's why it's base HQ. Your first mission is simply getting here. Familiarize yourself with MOVE THINK SMILE, your gear & Obstacle Specialists.

Then sit, close your eyes and visualize having unstoppable energy and being so productive and cheerful you make others suspicious! Get ready to conquer stress with Commander Eléa's elite MOVE THINK SMILE training. 

Week 2 Cutback Cliffs

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 2: Cutback Cliffs

Get to the top. Ditch what's slowing you down.

You’ve landed at BadAss Island’s secret facility and have just settled into the
Comfort Zone. You’re anxious, but it's time to crush your first stress obstacle at the Cutback Cliffs. Here,  you’ll prioritize recovering your health and lightening your load.

How fast can you get to the top?
Conquer the CutBack Cliff's Challenge and you'll be rewarded with BadAss Bucks. Use this virtual currency to earn your next level, and buy BadAss stuff (for real)!

Week 3 Recharge River

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 3: Recharge River

Wash off the charred & get charged.

BurnOut is messy (I left a huge crispy trail). Go from fried to fueled fast in my elite online workshop.

Think about it: You’ve conquered the CutBack Cliff’s at BadAss Island’s secret facility and are back in the Comfort Zone spending your well-earned BadAss Bucks. Now it’s time to fully extinguish the Big Burn with BadAss energy tactics at the Recharge River.

Bring your lava soap!
Get classified MOVE THINK SMILE training at the Recharge River challenge. Conquer stress and clean out your BurnOut!

Week 4 Corrupted Caverns

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 4: Corrupted Caverns

Explore the darkness and face success.

We are taught hard work pays off. It’s this skewed view that ignites a slow burn in the first place. If you’re having a tough time with success, then you may have a corrupted success mechanism.

Vision this: After swimming the Recharge River, you emerge decently hygienic enough to return back to the Comfort Zone. It’s week 4 at BadAss Island’s secret facility and you’re feeling better. So, you head deep into the Corrupted Caverns to face the success dragon.

How deep are you willing to venture?
Get elite MOVE THINK SMILE training at the Corrupted Caverns challenge,  befriend the beast and be handsomely rewarded once you conquer this BurnOut obstacle.

Week 5 Gorilla Gardens

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 5: Gorilla Gardens

Explore the darkness and face success.

BurnOut is a big hairy stinky beast, but you have to face it. If you’ve tried everything, but are still having trouble with your health, then it's time to meet your gorilla.

Imagine: Week 5 takes you to deep into the heart of BadAss Island’s most beautiful zone. But don’t be fooled, there is a huge Gorilla in those Gardens ready to take you out. To crush this stress obstacle, you’ll have to get the monkey off your back.

Will you emerge the heavyweight champion?
Get covert MOVE THINK SMILE training at the Gorilla Gardens challenge and learn to turn bad stress into good!

Week 6 Emotional Jungle

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone : Emotional Jungle

Find the BurnOut Temple and befriend the beasts.

Dense. Wild. Buggy. Hot. BurnOut grows a thick mess that seems impossible to get out of. Get advanced navigation and bushwhacking training in my top secret online workshop.

Vision this: Since arriving at BadAss Island’s hidden training facility in the South Pacific, you’ve had breakthroughs with 4 obstacle specialists. Now, you must leave the Comfort Zone once again and find the BurnOut Temple hidden deep in the Emotional Jungle. Inside lies great wealth, but it’s guarded by some  pretty nasty beasts.

Can you clear a trail and return with the treasure?
Get advanced MOVE THINK SMILE training at the Emotional Jungle challenge and navigate out of BurnOut fast.

Week 7 Perception Gap

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 7: Perception Gap

Build an antenna to receive the full transmission.

Garble, distort, & jumble. BurnOut causes serious transmission interference. If deciphering communications is still making you dizzy, then join my classified online workshop and turn your carbonized ears into amazing antennas.

Here’s the story: BadAss Island is a sacred place for game changers like you. And, I’m impressed by your efforts so far. But we have a problem in the Perception Gap. Hurricane Burnout has taken out communications. To crush this obstacle, you must hike in with only tools you can carry, restore power and clearly radio HQ to get you out.

Do you have the tools to close the gap?
Get elite MOVE THINK SMILE training at the Perception Gap challenge where you’ll master radios, antennas, communications and clarity.

Week 8 Confusion Crater

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 8: Confusion Crater

When all looks the same, figure the fastest way out.

When you’re hit with BurnOut, information overload is decision making hell. I created my elite online workshop to help you cool the burn. Fast.

What if? It’s week 8 and you’re halfway through your training at BadAss Island. Your BurnOut is disappearing, but you can’t stay in the Comfort Zone too long. Head out to Confusion Crater where there’s 157 routes out. 156 are deadly. You must pick the one safe path.

Will you make the right choice?
Get world class MOVE THINK SMILE training at the Confusion Crater challenge and build up your BadAss Bucks by eliminating overload.

Week 9 Scenic Overlook

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 9: Scenic Overlook

Get outside & discover how powerful nature is.

Being wired in fuels BurnOut. If you need help breaking the connection, join my classified online workshop.

You might be wondering: You’ve spent 9 weeks on a hidden island in the South Pacific. It’s gorgeous here, but obstacle training is draining. You’ve earned some chill time. Head over to the Scenic Overlook where you’ll unplug and recharge your battery.

Can you leave the tech behind?
Get secret MOVE THINK SMILE training at the Scenic Overlook Challenge. It’s tougher than it looks, but if you can crush this obstacle, you’ll be rewarded in great ways.

Week 10 Time Suck Swamp

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 11: Time Such Swamps

Avoid getting sucked in. Get out with time.

BurnOut devours time and leaves room for stress. If you’re still eating cortisol sandwiches, you really should enroll in my covert online workshop. It’s designed to get your life back fast, when work burns you out.

Imagine: You’ve recharged at BadAss Island’s Scenic Overlook. You’re back in the Comfort Zone, and ready for week 10’s stress conquering course. Take the helicopter to the far side and drop into Time Suck Swamp obstacle. Identify the quicksand pits that are sucking your precious time and map them for future avoidance.

Are you going to let time suck you in?
Learn advanced MOVE THINK SMILE maneuvers in the Time Suck Swamp challenge and earn more BadAss Bucks as you learn to turn bad stress into good.

Week 11 Catalyst Canyons

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 10: Catalyst Canyons

Ascend to top and climb the tree of awesomeness.

If BurnOut still has you in the clutches of futility, consider speeding up your recovery with my elite online workshop. It’s the fastest way to change your Burnout to Badass.

Just picture it: You’ve cleaned up from Time Suck Swamps and rested overnight in BadAss Island’s Comfort Zone. Time to grab your parachute for Catalyst Canyons. It’s week 11, and you’re need to drop in precisely. To crush this obstacle, scale up top quickly, climb the tree and get a better view of your life.

How high are you willing to climb?
Get classified MOVE THINK SMILE training at the Catalyst Canyons challenge and discover awesome stuff.

Week 12 Super Badlands

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 11: Time Such Swamps 12: Super BadLands

Navigate home in absurd conditions.

BurnOut makes you ashen. Get your color back with my advanced online workshop. It’s the fastest way to turn your deathly pale to a healthy glow.

Remember: You're on a covert mission to conquer stress at BadAss Island’s secret training facility. You’ve recovered from climbing Catalyst Canyons. It’s week 12 and transport is going to drop you off in the forbidden terrain of the Super Badlands at night. To crush this obstacle you’ll need to navigate the absurd conditions barefoot without a compass.

Are you scared of the dark?
Get specialized MOVE THINK SMILE training at the Super Badlands challenge and save up more BadAss Bucks by embracing absurdity and conquering stress.

Week 13 The F'ing Desert

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 13: The F'ing Desert

Trek through the heat. Let it all out. Return in 1 piece.

If “F#@% This!” has become your way of saying hello, join my elite online workshop now. It’s the fastest way to turn F’ bombs into Freedom.

Imagine: It's you’re 13th week at BadAss Island’s secret training grounds. You’ve crushed all but 2 obstacles. Transformation is nearing completion. After recovering from the Super Badlands in the Comfort Zone, trek to The F’ing Desert’s center and go apeshit. Release fully and return before the hypothermic night sets in.

Can you dispel the heat?
Get serious MOVE THINK SMILE survival skills at the F’ing Desert challenge.

Week 14 Invisible Highlands

BadAss Island Obstacle Zone 14: Invisible Highlands

Cross the treacherous trail over the peak. Use faith. Be BadAss.

By now, BurnOut should be melting away. If you’re not feeling BadAss yet, check out my classified online workshop. It’s like ludicrous speed in turning your Burnout to Badass.

What if? It’s your last week at a secret training facility hidden in the South Pacific. You’re one obstacle away from BadAss Bay, your final destination. That means you must prepare to leave the Comfort Zone once and 4-ever! There’s no turning back.

Venture into the Invisible Highlands where you will maneuver over the highest peak on BadAss Island. The only thing you can take is the knowledge you’ve gained from conquering previous zones. To be BadAss, this obstacle is the way.

Do you have faith?
Master the MOVE THINK SMILE method at the Invisible Highlands challenge, and learn to see what the eyes can not. Here, you'll finally discover BadAss.

Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall
Working with Eléa has changed my outlook on life and work into something I'm proud of. Whether it‘s making a difficult change, holding me accountable or simply shifting into a more positive mindset, a conversation with her makes it happen. Her book is gold. Read it!

Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall

PT, DPT, CPT, CNC, Core Exercise Solutions Founder

How much is stress costing you?

The World Health Organization states stress is the epidemic of the century.
Chronic Stress is major cause of health problems like rapid aging, heart attacks & cancer.
3 out 4 working people are suffering chronic stress. That means 75% of us are burning out.
77% report physical symptoms caused by stress.
73% regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress.
75% of doctors visits are for ailments caused by stress.
60% of missed work can be attributed to stress.
48% feel their stress has increased in the last 5 years.
Stress decreases productivity by attacking your cells and depleting your energy.
Bad stress fuels insomnia & depression.
By 2020, the World Health Organization predicts depression will be the leading cause for disability and death. This means bad Stress is becoming our #1 killer.

Everything You Need To Discover BadAss

BadAss Island is an Epic Course in Obstacles
14 modules

Epic Course

My stress conquering course in obstacles will turn your fried ass into a charged BadAss! I've laid out a clear training path for you.

Eléa provides weekly LIVE group training sessions.
live weekly

The Circle

Join me every Wednesday for live group training in my Sacred Circle. Get help, ask questions, brainstorm and break through.

You'll connect with other BadAss in training.
group support

The Tribe

Connect with a secret community of BurnOut's on the same journey to discovering BadAss through my private forums & groups.

Eléa's Training Kit will conquer your burnout and work stress.
Training Tools

Elea's Kit

I've a prepared an exclusive training kit to help you conquer BadAss Island's obstacle zones. My eBook along with  tips, quizzes, challenges, videos, visualizations, audio files & more.

BadAss Bucks are rewards you can use.
Rewards You Can Use

BadAss Bucks

Get BadAss Bucks every time you Conquer an Obstacle Zone or complete a BurnOut Challenge. Use them to track y our progress. And, buy stuff in the Comfort Zone.

6 month money back guarantee
6 month money back


Conquering stress is hard. I'll keep you motivated with expert coaching, fun challenges and big rewards. If I fail, you'll get a full refund, even after you've completed my entire workshop.

To conquer stress, you must first get to the starting line.
let's conquer it now


I'll provide accountability and feedback to get you to the starting line.  And, finish your BadAss transformation.

To become badass, you must cross the finish line.
you will discover


Most people look how far they have to go, not how far they have come. I will help you complete your BadAss Journey!

How it Works

Elea Faucheron - MOVE THINK SMILE head coach for BurnOut to BadAss

Once you enroll in my "Top Secret" themed online workshop, you’ll receive 14-weeks worth of BurnOut to BadAss training with new lessons releasing weekly. As Commander Eléa, I'll guide your training with live group coaching, self-paced lessons, incredible videos, walk-through tutorials, charts, PDF downloads, study guides, audio training and more.

BadAss Turbo-Boosts:  
  • 039-conversation
    1-on-1 coaching sessions with me.

    (First Class Private Coaching).

  • phone-receiver-17
    BadAss Hotline Access!

    That means when you have a BurnOut emergency you can call, video chat, text or email me directly for quick personal support.

Serious about beating your stress?

Get updates on my next workshop.

Next Virtual Flight Departs Spring 2018

Are you done burning out? Want your life back? Ready to feel great & live awesome? If you're dedicated to becoming the greatest BadAss you can possibly imagine, sign up for boarding pass updates to my next workshop.

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Limited Full Scholarships

Charred beyond all recognition? You may qualify for a full scholarship. Free Economy & First Class Boarding Passes available to those in BadAss need. Apply for a MOVE THINK SMILE Scholarship . If we feel you qualify, we'll schedule a scholarship interview.

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Enrolling in Eléa's workshop causes serious side effects.

Commonly reported aftermath of becoming BadAss include:

Answering questions Google can’t.

Vacant Space in your medicine cabinet.

Realizing there's 25 more letters after plan "A" flops.

Quitting the job you hate.

Sudden un-clenching of the buttocks

Training for something that isn't tied to your job.

Deleting your inbox.

Conquering obstacles for breakfast.

Please consult your ego first.

Our bodies change our minds, and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes. Amy Cuddy Social Psychologist, Harvard University