NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge with the Charleston Warriors: Stephen Siraco, Eléa Faucheron, Adam Von Ins and Stephanie Keenan
Left to Right: Adam Von InsStephanie KeenanStephen Siraco, and Eléa Faucheron 

June, 13th 2016 @9pm NBC airs the highly awaited Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge Race with the producers of “American Ninja Warrior”! Our team, The Charleston Warriors, battled against spunky grandmothers, spry 20 year olds, well-trained 40 year olds, Spartan Professional Athletes, and even a few top American Ninja Warriors. 

It seems the MOVE THINK SMILE formula works! This is Elea's third appearance in the popular fitness mag.

My life is a flurry of color, stories, joy and pain. In the spaces in between, I set goals. Sometimes, I reach them; other times, I don’t. I rest, and I wake. It’s another day in my life. Yet it’s not. The unique circumstance of my life today will never be the same again. This life, this day, has been given to me. It’s a gift. I easily forget that fact when moving toward a goal.

NBC Spartan Race TV Show Featuring the Charelston Warriors with Elea Facheron, Adam Von Ins, Stephen Siraco and Stephanie Keenan
Left to Right: Stephen Siraco, Eléa Faucheron, Adam Von Ins and Stephanie Keenan,

Spring 2016 NBC teams up with Spartan Race and the producer of “American Ninja Warrior” to bring the Ultimate Team Competition! The NBC Spartan Race TV Show is an 8 episode series airing spring 2016 where friends, families, and co-workers must work together and push each other to their mental and physical limits as they