The Stress Test

Are you conquering stress, or is it crushing you?

Get Your BurnOut Risk Level & BadAss Score

We’re constantly baffled by how to remove stress from our lives. The secret: you can’t. Your body needs stress to survive. The fix is turning bad stress (BurnOut) into good stress (BadAss).

Stress is an obstacle we face constantly. In 8 questions, you'll learn if you're prone to increasing your health and productivity, or destroying it.

WARNING! This is a lighthearted way of dealing with a complex subject. If you're really stressing out, please consider taking my in-depth Comprehensive BurnOut Assessment

Instructions: Have a laugh, be honest. Answer based on how you've felt in the last 3 months.
1) At home, you:
2) Which obstacle is blocking you the most right now?
3) When life gives you lemons, you:
4) When failure happens, you:
5) When it comes to romance, you:
6) When it comes to goals, do you think about:
7) In order to succeed, you:
8) On Mondays, you:

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