Learning the MOVE THINK SMILE formula causes serious side effects.
Commonly reported aftermath of becoming Badass include:
Please consult your ego first.

I understand the risks of contact:

You should seriously consider MOVE THINK SMILE if you suffer from:

Thinking LUNCH is a hybrid exercise of lunge and crunch. Doing things you have absolutely no passion for. Taking 3 or more hours convincing yourself to shower. Often running out of coffee, and middle fingers. A serious allergic reaction to mornings. You’re doing more, but living less. Often wake up screaming, and realize you’ve not fallen asleep yet When life gives you lemons, you squeeze them in people’s eyes. Having 99 problems but 98 of them are completely made up scenarios you are stressing about for no reason. Enjoy inviting color blind people to play twister. You've stopped balancing your savings account. Buying pinatas in bulk, so you can beat the crap out of something then eat some candy. Prefering snacks over sex. Your laptop seems heavier than ever, even though they are getting lighter. Freaking out when you realize things you thought happened only a couple years ago actually happened 10 years ago. You’ve started looking at how much eye cream costs. Your brain resembles the bottom of your junk drawer. Talking to body parts, encouraging them that “you can do it!” Brushing your teeth is a workout.